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“Google My Business” is owned and operated by Google. It is an internet service developed by Google to allow business website owners to have additional control over what is seen on an internet search results page. This Free service functions as an advertisement for your business website. It can be seen and featured in the right hand corner on a search results page. The first thing you need to do is set up a Google My Business (GMB) Account. This is currently a Free service.

After you set up your GMB Account it will be necessary for you to claim your Business Name. Google is looking for your actual business name which may be different from your business website URL. For instance, our business name is Select Marketing, however, our URL is Using this Free service allows you to create the exact internet appearance that you desire for your business. It will also allow you to be featured on Google Maps. This is a very useful and Free service as well! Viewers will know your exact location. They can then decide if it is convenient for them to contact and do business with you.

google-my-business-digital-marketing-bannerOne of the benefits of having a Google My Business account is that you can add Free mini-posts to your listing. They stay live for 7 days and then archive themselves. Then you can add another one. These Free posts can be added to your GMB listing weekly or monthly. You decide. Change your message. Feature products or services. Discuss seasonal or industry news that may inspire someone to contact you. The types of messages you can post are unlimited. This service is Free marketing and advertising.

Most business owners have a website. These same folks don’t pay attention to their website. Very few of them manage, optimize, or promote their websites. This Free service will most likely go unused as well! For those of you who have a genuine interest in using your website intelligently and effectively, set up or begin using your GMB account ASAP! Analytics for this Free service is provided and called Insights. This is good information and help you with understanding how you can benefit from actually utilizing your available online tools. For questions or help Contact Us Today!

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