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Search Engine Optimization is the structuring  of a web page or website so that it will be displayed in the search results of search engines. Before search engines can display search results, they must first find, read, index, and rank the website. The most popular search engines include,, and They are also the largest search engines. They account for an astounding 99% of all search engine searches done in America everyday. Google is King with nearly 90% share. This dominant market share, allows Google to make all the rules. By that I mean, if your website does not have Search Engine Optimization to Google’s standards, it will not be easily found using a Google organic search.

Search Engine Optimization is all about Google!

If your website can not be easily found using a Google organic search, how successful will that website be? The answer is very simple. Your website will not be successful under that scenario. Since nearly 90% of everyone in America uses Google as their search engine of choice, you really have no choice. I repeat, you really have no choice! We don’t have to like the circumstances that we all find ourselves in, however, we do need to understand them. Here is the deal. Use search engine optimization that Google appreciates, or don’t get found online. Once again, we don’t have to like this, but we do need to understand this. By choosing Google in such an overwhelming percentage, American search engine users gave Google extraordinary control over their use of the internet. Extraordinary control . . . . that’s it alright.

Most businesses have unique footprints, and differ from each other. Their websites are unique and differ as well. Select Marketing offers a complimentary review of your company’s website. We will determine if you are using appropriate search engine optimization (SEO) for your website.  Earlier we talked about Google’s search engine optimization (SEO) rules. These rules are called Google’s Algorithm. This algorithm (formula or recipe) is not static. It changes often. Over the last three years Google has changed it’s search engine optimization (SEO) algorithm an average of over 550 times a year. That represents 1.5 changes per day. No wonder everyone is confused. Google wants you to be confused. That’s right . . . Google wants you to be confused. Google will reward you for using quality search engine optimization (SEO). What Google really wants, however, is for you to BUY ADVERTISING. They are an advertising company that just happens to be a search engine as well.

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