I Launched My Website Now What?


Blogging Serves Several Functions

Most folks who aren’t actively involved with the Internet don’t understand blogging. That is understandable since new words have been created to serve the new Internet world. Blog, Blogs, and Blogging are a few of those new words. A blog is like a magazine or newspaper article, most often about a specific subject. Blogs can […]

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Who is Google, and Why Should I Care?

This blog will attempt to answer the question “Who is Google?” Most businesses within the civilized world have a website. These websites are located on the Internet. We as internet users elected Google as our search engine of choice. Google is currently responsible for 92% of all Internet Searches. Bing and Yahoo make up the […]

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A Quality Blog Builds Website Traffic

A quality blog can drive traffic to your website. Your website in many cases is the first impression a potential customer may have of your business. You wouldn’t want to deliver low quality products or service, don’t publish low quality blog posts. Provide the best content you can, every time! Know your audience and how […]


Mobile SEO will be More Important in 2018

Mobile SEO is more important than ever. Google will be ranking your mobile SEO over your desktop SEO in 2018. It will help your ability to be found in an organic search if you understand this fact. Make certain that your website visitors have a good experience on your site. Make navigation easy! Mobile traffic […]

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All Search Engine Optimization Firms Are Not Equal

All Search Engine Optimization Firms will differ in their approach to fully optimizing a website. Why is that you may ask? The first reason is that only a few people in the entire world really know what the Google Algorithm actually consists of. It’s a secret! Because of that, Search Engine Optimization Firms are at […]

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Do I Need A Small Business Website?

I wrote an article this week for the online magazine “Momentum“. It is a monthly publication assembled by the League City Chamber of Commerce. The article is about the importance of having a small business website. The following represents that article with minor changes and additions. Your small business website is needed for many reasons. […]