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Quality graphic design is at the heart of all marketing efforts. This adds the extra pop to your materials when words are not enough. Remember the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”? Well, that sums up the importance of quality graphics. Great ideas drive successful marketing campaigns, and creative graphics will convey those great ideas. Similar to the soundtrack of a movie, a quality graphic design helps the marketing campaign by enhancing the message. We work closely with you to determine your needs and goals. Select Marketing translates those needs and goals into a solid marketing campaign.


Quality Graphic Design:

Your company’s brand can be your name, a symbol, or image, such as a logo. This identifies you, your company and what you do.  The branding of your company is accomplished through marketing, which entails several areas. This includes your logo, packaging of your products, advertising, and print materials. Designing a company logo is important. This helps to establish your brand. Therefore, should be included in all of your online, print, and promotional products. Our graphic design team, with award winning designs, can create a unique logo for you. Every client’s graphic needs are different. Select Marketing creates graphic design that is specifically developed for you and your business.


Branding and Marketing:

  • Single ProjectFor specific graphic design projects. Large or small projects, including websites, logos, signage, brochures, print ads, and trade show graphic design.
  • Ongoing Programs – For companies with ongoing graphic design needs. We customize monthly design programs to keep your brand and message consistent. We offer priority services to our retainer clients. This is good support for larger companies with busy marketing departments. Graphic design should be functional, useful and effective.
  • Logo Development – A great logo can be powerful, and instantly recognized. This would include McDonald’s, Coca Cola, & Apple. They are simple, but without being simplistic. They are easy to identify. Select Marketing works closely with you in developing your logo. Direct mail, advertising, marketing materials, website and social media should all include your logo.
  • Website Designs – Website visitors will judge your website by the appearance. As a result, they decide if they like your layout, how it navigates, the functionality and most importantly, its content. Our website designs are attractive, functional, easy navigation, but most of all, meaningful content. First, we focus on you and your business. Second, we feature your products and/or services. Third and finally, we make it easy for website visitors to contact you.
  • Print Material Designs – Consistent graphic design for your print materials is important. Use the basic marketing design through all your marketing efforts. Simple, direct and functional graphic design is our approach. Your message must be strong and consistent. It should be accurate, easy to understand and to the point.

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