Images are Important for Internet Rankings!

Images of Sexy Mouth

Are images important? Take a look at this unique portrayal of a woman’s red lips. It’s hard not to look at. The contrast of color is an attention getter. This is an example of powerful images being used with words. It draws interest to your message. Use interesting graphics of all kinds and enhance your writings.

Images of Sexy MouthImages are Important!

Are graphics important? What do you think? Are they? Search Engines think they are important! Google rewards websites that use images with relevant alt tags. That in itself should convince you to use more graphics. Don’t forget the relevant alt tags. The old slogan “A picture is worth a thousand words” is correct. Some pictures are worth tens of thousands of words. Our eyes gravitate towards pictures or graphics before words. A single picture can convey a powerful message in seconds. The same message using only words may require hundreds or even thousands of them. Because of that, use pictures and images to enhance your blogs, posts, and website pages.  Graphics of all kinds can invoke emotions and create positive and negative feelings. Search Engines know this and they want you to use images! So use them. Your readership will increase.

A United States Supreme Court Justice once said about pornography “I can’t describe it, but I know it when I see it!”. Describing something using only words can be difficult. Using an image clarifies any issue and makes it easier to understand. Comic Books, Magazines, and Television all understand using words and images together. Hollywood has developed a Global Movie Industry coupling Pictures and Words. How successful would Playboy Magazine have been without their images? Enough said!

The use of pictures, and graphic design in your communications will enhance your efforts. People will be more likely to read your writings if they have interest in the graphics that you use. Didn’t the image used in this blog post make you want to read it? My guess is that, you are more likely to go on a blind date, if you can see a picture of what the person looks like, than if you can’t. Use pictures, or graphic design . . . . they will help your message. Images will increase your website’s Internet Ranking. It’s part of their algorithm.

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