Neglecting Websites Creates Bad Business

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Neglecting websites will certainly get the attention of Google and other Search Engines. It will provide negative attention and unfortunately that will harm your website instead of your website being enhanced. The entire purpose of having a business website is to promote your business in a positive light. Google and the other search engines notice when your website is being neglected. Neglect your website and your Website Rankings will plummet. We highly recommend that you pay attention and maintain your website properly. Maintaining websites is the correct thing to do. Neglecting websites is fundamentally bad for your business.

Neglecting websites hurts the website; Here are some simple things you can do to maintain your website;

  1. Check all the words for correct spelling – use spell check and this will become significantly easier and faster.
  2. Check entire website for correct punctuation – incorrect punctuation is frowned upon by Search Engines.
  3. Check all links and make sure they are not broken – these broken links hurt the readability of your posts and pages.
  4. Make sure that all images have title tags, alt tags, and description tags – Search Engines need these to understand what the image is.
  5. Create and add new content to your website monthly – Search Engines want your website to be fresh and adding new relevant content often. Often means at least one new post or page monthly. Blogs fill this function very well.

If you do all of the above recommended website maintenance activities, your website will gradually begin to move up in your website’s internet category rankings. There are nearly 965 million websites on the internet today. Thousands are added everyday. The number of websites consistently grows every year. Therefore, neglecting websites that you own is Not in your best interest. Learn about SEO and what Google expects.

What will it take for your website to rank above all the other websites within your category?

  1. Don’t participate in the neglecting websites syndrome.neglecting-websites-man-writing-website-concept
  2. Give it some love.
  3. Simple things will make a huge difference against your competitive websites. Maintain your website as suggested above. Very few business owners pay any attention to their websites.
  4. Google will notice if you make an effort in website maintenance.
  5. It will take about a year to really impact the internet rankings. So, start now . . don’t wait any longer.

If you do’t have time or the inclination to improve your website hire someone who understands what needs to be done and you will be surprised when your website brings you clients unexpectedly. Contact Us Today for an appraisal of what to do to make your website work the way you want it to work!

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