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Website management is something everyone needs to do if they have a website. So, now that you have a new website or updated your existing website, what is next? Should you manage your own website? Should you pay someone else to manage it? These are weighted and important questions. These are questions you shouldn’t decide without knowing what is involved and thinking about whether website management is something you have the time and patience for as a business owner.

If you don’t know anything about website management it can be overwhelming and frustrating. It would be like trying to rebuild an engine in a car if you didn’t know the first thing about cars, it can end badly.

Another issue that often comes up is the cost. Many small business owners don’t want to pay someone else to manage their website. NOT having a professional for website management can end up being much more costly in the long run. Before deciding to manage your own website there are a few questions you should ask yourself.

Make an Informed Decision Regarding Website Management;

Do you really know what you’re doing? Websites receive architectural updates frequently. Can you install these updates? Do you know how analytics work? What about SEO? Do you have the time to keep up-to-date on the tools, regulations, and trends? Are you able & willing to devote the time to learn how to do these things? Website Management can be like an endless loop of entangled roads without the proper knowledge.

What if something goes wrong? What if you’re trying to make changes and you delete something important. What if your shopping cart on your e-commerce site stops accepting orders? What if your website goes down? What about broken links and images? Your website is vital to your business. A website that is down due to your lack of fully understanding how to maintain it, is a loss of profitability and visibility.

Do you know the lingo? Say your site does go down and you need to call tech support. Do you even know where to start? If they ask you what kind of error occurred, would you know?

Do you know what a DNS is? Do you know how to find files in your database? There are a lot of moving parts of a website, and maintaining these parts is key for your website to function properly.

Do you have the proper tools? Programs that allow for easier website managing can be very costly. Adobe programs alone tend to be in the hundreds and thousands of dollars. Other website building/managing software programs can be just as expensive. Then you have to ask yourself—do you know how to use these tools? Do you have time to learn? There is a lot that goes into building and maintaining a website properly even though it may not seem that way.

Website Management Begins with Website Maintenance;

website-management-image-mouseRegular website maintenance is a must. It keeps your site running smoothly and keeps visitors from being turned away if something isn’t working properly. Something else to consider is the fact that websites can be hacked on a regular basis—having someone who manages your website, provides the security to monitor your website for you, can help prevent this because they have the time and resources to keep everything up-to-date and they also know what to look for when there is suspicious activity. Website maintenance is part of Website management.

Select Marketing can provide you with outstanding website management service. We will maintain your website for you and keep it running efficiently. Managed services include: website and social media integration, website optimization, SEO, analytics reporting, website security updating and management, malware scanning, content writing, e-mail marketing, e-commerce setup and more. If we can be of service or you need more information, contact us we are here to help.

Updated June 8, 2018

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