Managed Website Services

A Managed Website is 17 times more likely to be successful than a website that is not managed. Are you looking for the time to keep your website up to date? Select Marketing will help get your business back on track. We provide Managed Website Services. Select Marketing will deliver a customized management plan just for your company. A professionally managed website will out perform a neglected website every day of the week! That is an undeniable fact.

Managed Website Services Can Include:managed website network technology concept

  • Website changes and updates
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Google Analytics
  • GoogleMyBusiness Listing 
  • Website Security
  • Content Writing: blogging
  • Google My Business posting


Isn’t that what we all want from our websites . . . performance? Of course it is! Most successful websites perform exactly like their owner wants it to perform. That is to say; websites can sell products or services.  Websites can schedule appointments. They can gather or provide information. Websites also can benefit from videos. These are just a few functions that websites are capable to perform. A neglected website will degrade rapidly. A properly managed website is always maintained regularly. What do you mean always maintained? Websites are like vehicles, and they need to be maintained. If neglected, both Vehicles and Websites will degrade over time.

Is your current website performing up to your expectations? Are you satisfied with your website traffic? Is you website responsive, and optimized to display properly on cell phones and tablets? Mobile usage is growing constantly, approximately half of web traffic worldwide is from mobile devices. Is your answer to these questions YES? If not, you may need to begin a managed website program. Most websites only need a few hours a month of website management. Larger, more active websites may need a few hours a week. Active and/or E-commerce websites may need a few hours a day. Very large and very active websites can need a full time managed website. Most businesses fall into the few hours a month, or few hours a week category.

If you neglect your website it won’t function properly and gradually break. Let me say it again. A managed website will always outperform a neglected one! If you don’t service your vehicle properly it will not perform properly. If you don’t maintain your website it will not perform properly either. Take care of your website and it will take care of you.

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updated 4/2022