Mobile SEO will be More Important in 2018


Mobile SEO is more important than ever. Google will be ranking your mobile SEO over your desktop SEO in 2018. It will help your ability to be found in an organic search if you understand this fact. Make certain that your website visitors have a good experience on your site. Make navigation easy!

Mobile SEOMobile traffic has overtaken desktop traffic and will continue to grow, so make sure you are providing your website visitors what they are looking for. We are very attached to our smartphones. Many of us use our smartphone so often, they have become an extension of ourselves and something we don’t want to live without. You need mobile SEO to help these people find your website.

Mobile SEO is Important – Here is Why

Studies have found that people tend to grab the nearest device to look something up. In most cases that is their smartphone. They use it to research about products before making a purchase. Google’s research indicates that smartphone users have a higher online buying ratio than desktop users. They are ready to buy, and your job is to be there when consumers are looking for your products or services.

Desktop SEO vs Mobile SEO

There is a slight difference between desktop SEO and mobile SEO. Desktop SEO focuses primarily on the general public. Mobile SEO is more locally based, but the goals are the same. You want to reach your audience and then turn them into customers. The three main purposes still apply: focus on performance, user experience, and content. and are valuable resources for understanding the changing demands of SEO.

Google’s Mobile Announcement

The mobile announcement in November 2016 shows the importance of mobile SEO. Coming in 2018 Google will switch to a mobile-first index. That means that Google will determine rankings based on the quality of the mobile version of a website instead of the desktop version. A new Googlebot crawls your mobile site to determine if the performance, content and user experience is a good one. If it is good, you can get a good ranking. If it is not good, or fails somehow, then other sites will be ranked higher and pass you by. You will still be judged by your mobile website whether you focus on mobile or not. Take action now to be ready for mobile indexing! Not sure how your mobile site will rank, contact us and we will be glad to help.

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