SEO Means Follow Google Part 1

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SEO Image(SEO) Search Engine Optimization means follow Google. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is directly related to the algorithm established, maintained, and changed daily by the folks at Google. Google’s algorithm is a guide or recipe for unpaid or organic website visibility on the Internet. Especially, when using the Google Search Engine. From 2010 through 2015, Google changed their algorithm over 500 times in each of those years. On average, that’s 1.5 algorithm changes daily. 1.5 ALGORITHM CHANGES DAILY, are you kidding me? Does SEO confuse you? Why does Google change their algorithm so much? To answer these questions we must understand Google and what they really want. Google wants what all companies want. They want to be profitable. Nothing wrong with that. I want Select Marketing to be profitable as well. Don’t you want your company to be profitable? Bet you do!

SEO Means Follow Google;

You probably think of Google as a Search Engine. Google certainly qualifies as a Search Engine. After all, Google provides over 5 Billion Internet searches daily to its users. They provide this FREE service for all of us, everyday. Okay, but what else do they do that allows them to be profitable enough to offer this astonishing FREE Search Engine service? Google also provides a lot of Internet Services. Many of these Internet Services are FREE, however, some are FEE Based. Google’s largest source of income comes from Advertising. Advertising within the FREE Search Engine results that they provide over 5 Billion times a day. You’ve seen them. At the top of every search result and along the right side are paid advertisements that may or may not be related to your search engine inquiry. Bingo! This is where the income to be profitable comes from for Google. Advertising, Advertising, and more Advertising! Google is an Advertising Company.

So, why is that important? Big deal, Google makes a lot of money selling advertising. Here is why it is important. Google’s algorithm was designed to help Google determine which websites (or website page or pages) are the most relevant to an inquiry. In other words Google wants you to see the websites and website pages that they think best match your search request. Isn’t that what you expect? Sure it is! Right up to the point of deciding which websites (or website page or pages) qualify for your inquiry, and in what position. That’s where the algorithm helps make the decision. That’s also where Advertising plays a role. Stay tuned for Part 2. Remember SEO means follow Google.

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