Updating Business Websites Increases Volume


Updating business websites increases volume for those participating businesses. Okay, what kind of updates are we talking about here? And, how do these updates increase the volume of the business? Before we answer these two questions let’s remember that today’s internet websites function like yesterday’s yellow page advertisements. Yellow Page advertisements were listed by category alphabetically. In other words if you needed a plumber and didn’t know one, you could turn to the Yellow Page “P’s” and look for plumber. All the ads would then be shown for plumbers once you got to the correct page alphabetically. If you could not spell plumber correctly it would be more difficult to find those listings and ads. Somehow we all muddled through those ancient times.

Today when we need a plumber and don’t know one we do what? You guessed it, we “Google Plumber” on our computers or phones. From that point on we are dependent on Google to find the plumber that we need. The results of your inquiry are listed and you can click on them to go to their website. Often times thousands and hundreds of thousands of recommended websites are listed. At this point it is important for “Jake the Plumber” to have his website easily viewed so we can contact him for the help that we need. Google needs to think highly of or Rank Highly Jake the Plumber’s website to recommend him to you at the beginning of those search results. It it is not at the beginning (On the First Page) you are very unlikely to view Jake the Plumber’s website.

Updating Business Websites Makes Sense;

When mentioning updating business websites, we are talking about several different types of updates. Most websites use plugins to perform specific functions for the website developer. These plugins need to be updated from time to time to keep pace with internet guidelines and changes. Often times these updates are for security reasons. Other times they are performance enhancing. Sometimes it is a compatibility issue with a Theme or Platform.

Website Links and Images can break and need to be updated or repaired to become functional again. Keeping these up to date is important to Google, and therefore should be important to you if you care about your website. This example of updating business websites may seem minor, but could be the difference in putting you on the first or fourth page of a Google Search. Where would you rather be? Me too!

Updating Business Websites Is Easy;

Updating your website content is equally important. Relative content changes frequently therefore, your website content maySticky-Note-About-Updating-Business-Websites need to be changed more frequently than you may think. You need to be aware that updating business websites makes them more viable. Google rewards that effort with higher rankings. Higher rankings translates to more website traffic. More website traffic means increased volume for business websites. The more you respect your website the more Google will respect your website. Google is the most important entity on the internet. Your website needs to conform to the Google Algorithm as much as possible. The importance of updating business websites can not be overestimated.

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