Updating Websites Builds Traffic and Credibility

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Updating websites builds traffic, as well as credibility. Soon after a website has been developed and launched onto the internet, search engines take notice. Google is the worlds most important and largest search engine and provides approximately 6 billion internet search results each day. Google will review and file your website data within it’s gigantic memory banks. These search engines like Google will return to see what has been changed or added to your website. This second website visit will be compared to the first, with notations made regarding the additions or changes. Your new website is now in the process of being evaluated and ranked among the other 970 million websites located on the internet. How about that for a daunting task?

If your website does not grow or have significant changes over time Google and the other search engines will gradually reduce the number of their website visits to your website. That is not a good thing. You want all search engines to visit your website often. Why is that? All of the search engines want to understand what your website is about. It is important that they understand your website’s purpose for being on the internet. Frequent search engine visits gives for website a chance to show off and brag about what you do.

Updating websites monthly builds traffic!

Updating websites keeps alerting visitors to the things that you are featuring on your website. Are you offering new products for sale? Is your business introducing new services? Is blogging about industry news something you want to do? If these and things like these are what your website represents it is important that you understand that updating websites with this new information is very helpful.

Okay, here is the deal . . . . If you value your website and pay attention to it (which means updating websites regularly) so will Google. The more new and relevant information that you add to your website on a new page or new post the more search engines will take interest in what your website is all about. That is really a good thing. When search engines like Google take notice of your activities, the more likely they are to refer your website in response to someones internet search request. Search engine referrals is what drives the internet. It is the new version of the yellow pages from yesteryear.

When updating websites quality content is King!

That is what you should want . . . right? More referrals from the search engines! The more referrals you receiveupdating-websites-referrals-button the more visitors you will get. The more visitors you receive the more reactions they will provide. The more reactions they provide the happier you should be. Reactions are responses to visiting your website. For instance, they send you an email. They call your office. They place an order. They fill out a form. They comment on a page or post.

Updating websites is the very BEST thing you can do for the health of your website. If you are not prepared to improve your website which will improve your business then don’t be surprised when neither improve!

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