Your Website Is More Important Because Of COVID-19


Your website is more important than ever. The reason is that Coronavirus or COVID-19 have caused Federal, State, and Local Governments to require the public to stay at home and help prevent the spread of this fatal disease. Much of the business community has also closed their doors at the direction of the government. “Essential” businesses only are asked to stay open. The exact definition of “essential” is still uncertain as late as April 2020. Grocery, Pharmacy, Health Care, Gas Station, and Hardware/Home Center are permitted to be open for business to name a few. Restaurants, Bars, Theaters, and other high density recreation and entertainment businesses have been directed to close.

COVID-19 is an extremely deadly disease and has frightened many worldwide. Most of us would be staying at home without a government requirement. People are voluntarily staying at home and not socializing. They are not out shopping and spending money. Economic stress isYour-website-is-more-important-showing-web-traffic-illustration being applied to every business sector. Because of this your website is more important than it has ever been. Everyone is spending more time at home and therefore spending more time online. Bingo, . . . this the opportunity you have been waiting for. Website traffic is at an all time high 24 hours a day. Since there are approximately 960 million websites online it is necessary to have your website in the best condition possible to be found. So you need the best SEO possible for this to happen.

Now is the perfect time to have your website in its best possible condition. You should want it to look its absolute best. You should want people to be impressed immediately with the graphics, images, navigation, and content. Isn’t that what you have wanted for your website from the very beginning? Well, now is the opportunity of a lifetime considering the huge increase in total website traffic. Contact your website developer and ask him for a review of how to improve your website. Maybe look for another website developer that has more experience in today’s best website rebuilding practices. Be safe. Be kind. Be prayerful. Our country and much of the world needs God’s Graceful hand! If you can’t find a website developer that you are comfortable with Contact US Today! Select Marketing would be pleased to discuss your website needs.

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