All Search Engine Optimization Firms Are Not Equal

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All Search Engine Optimization Firms will differ in their approach to fully optimizing a website. Why is that you may ask? The first reason is that only a few people in the entire world really know what the Google Algorithm actually consists of. It’s a secret! Because of that, Search Engine Optimization Firms are at different SEO knowledge levels. Why is it a secret? It’s a secret because Google WANTS it to be difficult for you to be listed on the first page of a SERP (Search Engine Results Page). And, then they want it to be even harder to be the #1 listing on the first page. But why? That’s Simple . . . Google wants to sell you advertising. They want you to buy your way onto the first page, in case your SEO Firm can’t get you there the old fashion way. Hard Work, and following the clues that Google releases!

Search Engine Optimization Firms Differ!

Google systematically releases information about their algorithm and what they expect from Search Engine Optimization Firms to elevate the position of their websites on a SERP. However, they also have changed the algorithm on an average of 500+ times each of the past 5 years. Most are not big changes. But, they are changes that good Search Engine Optimization Firms pay attention to.

One big change example would be Mobile Search Engine Optimization Firms SEO Cloud ImageResponsiveness. Google wants their internet users to have a good experience online. Google knows that 70% of them are using a mobile device rather than a desktop computer to Serf the internet. Therefore, a mobile responsive website will score or rank higher than a website that is not mobile responsive. They want THEIR internet users to have a good experience with Google. Google likes being #1.

Another example is Website and page loading time which is becoming more important. It is also known as “Speed”, so slow websites are not long for the world to be sure. If you have a website that lags a bit, speed it up. A slow website can negatively impact your (1) Traffic, (2) Page Views, (3) Conversions and (4) Sales.

A few quick tips to Speed up your Website:

  • Remove all unnecessary content, images, and plugins
  • Use a content delivery network (CDN) a collection of web servers distributed across multiple locations to deliver content more efficiently to users.
  • Optimize and reduce the size of your images
  • Fix all broken links on your website
  • Minimize redirects – Keep only redirects which are technically necessary
  • Minimize the number of domains that issue redirects but don’t actually serve content

Search Engine Optimization Firms already know these so if you are just learning this . . . . you are behind. Study and research more to stay up to date and learn everything you can about Google and how they think. Every good Search Engine Optimization Firm in the world pays attention to Google. You better as well if you want to be found on a Google Search! Needing help with your SEO, contact us and we will guide you.

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