Website Security Has Many Forms

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website securityWebsite Security has many forms. Website and computer security are different, however, they are related. Everyone has heard of Norton and McAfee. They have both helped with malware for decades. “Malware” is a acronym for Malicious Software, and this software is designed to harm your computers and other internet devices. Depending on the complexity of the malware or virus, determines if a secondary function is to abuse websites. Many companies offer malware protection and malware removal. Perform an Internet Search on “Malware Protection” and see what a selection is immediately available. Most folks use malware protection that relies upon blacklisting a known virus or malware. This system works very well for stopping known malware. But, what about all the unknown or newly created malware? Therein lies the problem with blacklisting as a stand alone computer or website security method.

Website Security Has Many Forms;

Whitelisting is the opposite of blacklisting in that the computer or website security only allows known applications to execute or function. This computer or website security method requires you to list all applications that you trust and grant permission to function during the set-up and installation of this service. White Cloud Security uses this type of defense against malware. If you don’t list your trusted applications your computer will not be able to open any programs like Word, Excel, or QuickBooks.

There are other forms of computer and website security available today. The best thing you can do is to intelligently monitor your website¬†and what you open from your email. NEVER open something sent by email from someone you don’t know and trust. NEVER click on a link or button coming from a stranger as well. Email has long been an easily opened door by Hackers and Malware Creeps. DON’T OPEN THINGS THAT YOU DON”T KNOW! When you do, you will be sorry to say the least. Never keep your email accounts and your website hosting at the same place or on the same server. Separate the two for optimum security. If we can be of service or you are needing more information, feel free to contact us.

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