Website Hosting Services

Website Hosting ImageWebsite Hosting Companies provide space on a server, either owned or leased for use by their clients. Website Hosts also provide internet connection, most often located within a data center. Data center space and internet connectivity is generally available for other private servers as well. The scope of services offered by these website hosts varies greatly. Pricing for these services also varies greatly. FREE Website Hosting for individuals and organizations is common at these ISP’s (Internet Service Providers).

Business websites usually require more features and services than individuals and organizations. Business website hosts provide a complete array of system features and service packages from which to choose. Full support, some support, and no support are available options with most Website Hosting Companies. This support may be in the form of live telephone support. It may also be in the form of internet chat, email, or submit a ticket through email and wait for a response. Each level of support comes with different pricing and different skill sets. Do your research! Test the support system offered! Get everything in writing! Many website hosting companies offer satisfaction guarantees and prorated refunds if you elect to move or change your allegiance.

Here at Select Marketing, we are happy to host your website, whether we design and build it for you or whether you have a website already built. We help select the hosting options that best suit you and your business needs as there are many things to consider. Below are some of the website hosting options available for you to choose from.

Website Hosting Type Options:

  • Free Basic: Very few services offered.
  • Shared: Websites share a server with thousands of other websites.
  • Reseller: Allows clients to become a website hosting company themselves.
  • Virtual Private: Functions as a server within a server.
  • Managed: Private server generally leased to a client. Full data functions, however, no server adjustments or server changes allowed.
  • Colocation: You own the server and it is located in someone else’s data center.
  • Cloud: This new hosting offers many features and services. This is a load based website hosting system.
  • Clustered: Multiple servers host identical content for security and dependability.

There are many things to consider when selecting a company to host your website. You must select the type of hosting that best suites your needs and requirements. Business websites in particular will have concerns that individuals and organizations rarely need to consider. Ease of website access, security, financial transactions, updates, and malware scanning are real concerns that every business website owner has to consider. Then there is the normal adds, moves, and changes that most business websites will make regularly. Website Hosting is often times not even discussed, while it is a very important part of your online presence. Don’t underestimate its importance.

So, considering all of the website hosting options and what you as an individual or as a business, regardless of the size, will need to consider, Select Marketing has put together a few website packages that should be able to suit your needs. Let us help you with your website hosting management. Call us at (214) 616-1054 today!

Select Marketing’s Website Hosting Options:

  1. Managed Website Hosting: @ $60.00 / Month Includes;
    Security Firewall – 24/7
    Security Malware Scanning – Daily
    Website & Data Backups – Weekly
    Website Software Updates – Monthly
  2. Premium Website Hosting: @ $95.00 / Month Includes;
    Security Firewall – 24/7
    Security Malware Scanning – Daily
    Website & Data Backups – Daily
    Website Software Updates – Weekly
    Website Insurance – FREE Website Restoration
    SSL Certificate (Secure Socket Layer)
  3. Custom Website Hosting Options Available to meet your Specific Needs and Requirements

Select Marketing offers Hosting for our Managed Website clients only. Hosting a website is a necessity for every website. Research your options which are abundant to say the least. Make a decision that best suits your website’s needs. Request a personal consultation if you are uncertain which website hosting type and options are best for your website.

updated 3/2020