Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail and brochures to your target marketDirect Mail has been an important part of the recommended marketing mix for well over fifty years. You can target nearly any demographic you desire to contact. You can have your business’ marketing message delivered at practically the exact time you want your message to be heard. Direct Mail has a proven track record of success and efficiency and is very difficult to beat.

Direct Mail is Focused Marketing;

The information industry is enormous and is willing to supply you with specific details about people and their life styles. Such as; People who own cats, Women who drive a Cadillac, Families who earn over $250,000 per year, Dentists who are members of Country Clubs, & Registered Republicans that vote regularly. These demographic criteria just scratch the service on the information that is available. Once you know who you want to contact, we can help you find where they live and get your message designed and mailed to their home or business.

Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns with Proper Graphic Design

Direct Mail and Every Door Direct Mail (also known as EDDM) has been around a long time and is showing no signs of going away. The importance of Direct Mail has been challenged by Email campaigns. However, Direct Mail still continues to impress everyone with its undeniable results. Folks still like to have a coupon or printed piece of marketing, that they can hold in their hand, cut out and put on the refrigerator door, it’s tangible.

Direct Mail Has A Personal Touch!

Go to the Post Office when you have an opportunity and watch folks get mail from their boxes. You will observe that they pay lots of attention to what they just received and don’t care whether it’s Direct Mail or not. They pay attention to their mail. Printed material has staying power. It can hang around for long periods of time and can be seen several times by the recipient from delivery to trash. Then there is the “I’ll keep this piece” for later. When that happens, real value is attached to it by the recipient. Further, due to the effectiveness of Direct Mail, you’ll want to hit those homes on a recurring basis. The more often they see your marketing material, the more likely they are to remember you.

Direct Mail is a real gem in your marketing strategy. Use it and you will be pleasantly surprised. If you mirror the graphic design from your website, and use your logo, it will leave a stronger impression on the minds of the recipient. They will have an easier time remembering your brand if you keep it consistent among your marketing efforts. Keep that in mind when you plan your next direct mail campaign or graphic design. With Select Marketing, we will remind you of these things. So, call us at (214) 616-1054 or contact us with any questions you have. Let’s get your business in front of more eyes with direct mail marketing.