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Many platforms of Social Media are available for all who have interest. We should all be aware of Social Media. The reason for this awareness is simple. 1) Most of the civilized world is using it daily as a communication tool. 2) Much of the uncivilized world is using it daily as a military and terrorist coordination tool. 3) All of the successful business world is using it daily as a marketing and engagement tool. Those three reasons alone should be enough to make you want to be aware, and benefit from Social Media. You don’t have to like it, however, you should be aware of it and understand it.

Personal and Business Networking on the internet has become nearly as important as networking in person. Trip Advisor and Angie’s List have built huge business entities by utilizing Social Media. It is used to ask us to rate our experience with people, places, and services. Facebook stock is worth billions of dollars. Pinterest has become a major internet business location worldwide. Google, who was non-existent until 1998, has launched Google+ as their version of Face Book. It is advised to have a Google+ account for your business if you want your business website to score (rank) well in Google’s Algorithm. Believe me when I tell you “You Want to Rank Well” with Google’s Algorithm.

The younger that you are, the more likely it is that Social Media has a daily impact on you.  However, young and experienced, we are all seeing the importance of connecting on Social Media. It’s today’s equivalent of yesterday’s radio and television, or even e-mail. No one really thought they would become so important and powerful. Social Media will become every bit as important and powerful as radio and television. Social Media has evolved and morphed into various entities which include but are not limited to the following.

Types of Social Media:

  1. Collaborative Projects – Wikis
  2. Content Communities – You Tube
  3. Blogs – Twitter
  4. Social Networking – Facebook
  5. Community Stores – Pinterest
  6. Virtual Games – World of Warcraft
  7. Virtual Living – Second Life

Your business future depends on how you relate to and engage within Social Media today. It’s not the end of the world, but it is a change in the world, as we relate and communicate with each other. Simple marketing is “creating interest”. That’s exactly what each Social Media platform does. It aids in the creating of interest. Pictures, Videos, Music, People, and Business all have many platforms with which to create interest. And while creating interest, be sure you are engaging with those who are showing interest in your business.  This is a great opportunity to show that you are an expert in your field. How will you use Google+, or any Social Media channel, to grow your business? Better figure it out before your competition does or just be sure you are where they are.  If you aren’t creating engaging content for your consumers, someone else will. There are alternatives to doing this yourself. Hire an experienced professional. After all . . . you probably didn’t build your own website either. I know it is uncomfortable for many of you. Ignore Social Media at the peril of your business and the benefit to your competitor. It’s that important!


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