Email Marketing


Email Marketing Increases your Visibility

Email Marketing increases your visibility. What does “increases your visibility” really mean? It means that more people have recently seen your Business Name from an email marketing campaign. Like most things, when you are out of sight you are out of mind. Seeing your business name reminds people of what you do and where you are located. Email […]


Email Marketing Campaign Tips

Email campaigns are very effective tools to create excitement about your business. Business owners today are faced with the reality of having to be knowledgeable. They should have a presence in some social media, Social media is all about your visibility. This can seem impossible for small business owners. Most just don’t have the time to […]

Online Marketing

Marketing in 2014

Marketing in 2014 is evolving into a combination of things that were not even thought of a few short years ago. An online presence with a website is an absolute must. People of all ages and all occupations are using the Internet as a 21st Century Yellow Pages and a Library combination. If your business […]