Why We Need Search Engine Optimization Companies

Quality Search Engine Optimization Companies provide a very important service for the owners of websites. They implement the “Best Practices” that Google and the other search engines expect, and quite frankly demand if you want your website to be easily found in a SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Since Google has been given a near […]


Blogging Serves Several Functions

Most folks who aren’t actively involved with the Internet don’t understand blogging. That is understandable since new words have been created to serve the new Internet world. Blog, Blogs, and Blogging are a few of those new words. A blog is like a magazine or newspaper article, most often about a specific subject. Blogs can […]

Website Plugins Image

Do Website Plugins Make Websites Better?

Website plugins are tiny programs that provide a specific function for a website. Very few websites exist today without plugins. There are thousands of website plugins available. The reason for them is simple. They are convenient. Once the program or “code” is written and packaged; why rewrite it every time you want to use it. […]

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Are Free Websites Worthwhile?

Free Websites are available online. An online search for Free Websites will produce many results. You will find companies like Wix, Weebly, and WebBuilder. These just scratch the surface for businesses that offer a Free Website. The DIY (Do It Yourself) concept of a Free Website is interesting to some folks. It is also too […]

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Generate More Leads with Layered Marketing

Layered marketing is the most effective method of marketing. When you implement layered marketing, many levels of marketing are employed. I grew up in the Mid-West on a farm, and in the Winter it gets really cold. I mean really cold! It was not uncommon in December, January, and February for the outside temperature to get […]