Pricing and its Effect on your Business

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Pricing and its Effect on your Business

Pricing controls your business and the functions of your business. I remember one of my College Professors proudly stating to the class one day that Business was easy if you did the following four things. We eagerly got ready to write down these words of wisdom which were going to make our lives much easier […]

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Your Clients are Important to Know Very Well

Your Clients are important, essential, & valuable. Take the time to understand them. Know who your clients are and they will make your business more successful. Knowing them puts you in a terrific position to get their attention. When you are introducing new products and services your clients should be notified first. Understanding your demographics allows you to better market […]


What is The Difference Between a Blog and a Website?

The answer to the question regarding the difference between a blog and a website has evolved quite a bit in the past year.  Right now, in 2013, the answer is simply that there is no difference.  A static website is only a neglected blog, and it was a change in Google algorithms last year that lead it […]

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Just a decade ago, a printed brochure was the usual way businesses showed potential customers the products and services they offered, and to create a website, developers basically had to write new HTML coding for each new project. Website building has all changed since then thanks to and and The .com […]