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Don’t Get Confused About Features And Benefits

“Features and Benefits” is a term given to describe products and services to interested people. This happens during nearly every sales process. The Features may sound cool and sexy, however, it is important to remember that people buy benefits. So, don’t forget to convey the benefits of all the features that you point out during […]

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Are Mobile Friendly Websites Really Necessary?

Mobile Friendly Websites or Mobile Responsive Websites will soon be REQUIRED within the Google Algorithm. On April 21, 2015 Google announced that its algorithm would show preference to Mobile Friendly Websites. Google has hinted for a long time about the importance of mobile friendliness. They are now making good on those hints. Google’s new position is […]


Are Your Business Cards Effective?

Business Cards have the opportunity to effectively identify you and your business. The information that is provided on business cards varies from card to card. Most folks put little thought into information placed upon their business cards. Employees of a business may have little or no say as to that information. The one exception may be […]

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Website Security Has Many Forms

Website Security has many forms. Website and computer security are different, however, they are related. Everyone has heard of Norton and McAfee. They have both helped with malware for decades. “Malware” is a acronym for Malicious Software, and this software is designed to harm your computers and other internet devices. Depending on the complexity of […]

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Website Builders

Select Marketing has website builders that will assist you in designing and developing a website. We will ask you many questions so we understand exactly what features you would like to have on your new website. Today’s websites are very different than websites from the past. Even websites that were built 3 or 4 years […]

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Do Website Plugins Make Websites Better?

Website plugins are tiny programs that provide a specific function for a website. Very few websites exist today without plugins. There are thousands of website plugins available. The reason for them is simple. They are convenient. Once the program or “code” is written and packaged; why rewrite it every time you want to use it. […]

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Are Free Websites Worthwhile?

Free Websites are available online. An online search for Free Websites will produce many results. You will find companies like Wix, Weebly, and WebBuilder. These just scratch the surface for businesses that offer a Free Website. The DIY (Do It Yourself) concept of a Free Website is interesting to some folks. It is also too […]

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Graphic Design Benefits

Graphic Design Benefits all marketing materials, most communications, and can not be over estimated. The use of colors, images, and graphic design of all kinds, is critical for websites, flyers and brochures. It can make a huge impression on business cards as well. The graphic design benefits of your next project may need to be […]

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New Strategy for a New Year?

A New Strategy for a New Year is something you may need to consider. If you are completely satisfied with the current success of your business, then a new strategy may not be something that you need to consider. However, if you need to improve sales, increase profits, or add more customers, then you may […]

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Marketing Opportunities are Everywhere

Marketing opportunities are everywhere. Marketing is a process by which companies create interest for their goods and services. It’s all about creating interest. Wherever you live, Marketing opportunities are everywhere. They vary greatly in financial and time requirements. What is your marketing process? What marketing opportunities are you utilizing? Any of the marketing opportunities listed […]